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Waterjet Solutions for Oilfield and Beyond.

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Cut and cap services

Doing our part to return the environment to its original state.

With over 95,000 inactive wells and 69,000 abandoned wells in Alberta alone, our team is committed to safely restoring Western Canada to it’s natural state. Our patented, multi-head waterjet cutting tool is the most efficient and eco-friendly way to get the job done– guaranteed.



We offer reduced cutting times, a higher success rate in cutting large bore wells with conductor barrels, and have the ability to perform multiple cuts at once.


Our staff are experienced and competent in the application of waterjet cutting technology in the well abandonment sector. 


You need the job done to meet your high expectations, and at Innovative Well Abandonment we pledge to meet those expectations every single time.

The Power of Water

We specialize in removing the hardest to cut wellheads. with our advanced, custom-built technology, we cut faster than anyone else.

Well Reclamation For The Prairies and Beyond

Orphan Well Solutions for Western Canada

We are proudly based in the heart of oil country, in Edmonton, Alberta.

We’ve completed hundreds of jobs across Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C., and have established ourselves as Western Canada’s leading provider for water jet cutting services. We have locations in Neilburg SK, Lac La Biche AB, and our home office in Edmonton, AB.

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Trusted. Proven. Reliable.

Our Commitment to Quality, Service, and Value

Dealing with orphan wells in Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C. requires the full coordination and dedication of our experienced team. We pledge to give you the very best service every time to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Customer Focused

We seek to understand your measure of success, and we make sure our team does too. This allows us to not only measure your expectations, but exceed them. The result is a job done well, quickly, without cutting corners.

Proven Processes and Systems

Removing derelict wells from Alberta's Oil Sands is no simple feat. You need effective processes and systems to ensure that the job is done safely and efficiently. Our years of experience removing wellheads from all over Western Canada, including the Oil Sands, have honed our approach to Wellhead removal into a science.

Long-Lasting Relationships

We believe in the power of relationships. That's why we treat each client with the utmost respect with the hopes of fostering profitable, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. Together, we can reclaim Canada.

Leadership by Leaders

From top to bottom, Innovative Well Abandonment is structured with leadership at all levels. Every member of our team understands their role in contributing to your success, our success, as well as their personal success.

Factual Approach to Problem Solving

No two jobs are the same, which requires us to adapt to new challenges daily. Our fact-based approach to solving these problems allows us to quickly analyze any new or unexpected developments in the project and handle them with efficiency.

Continuous Improvement

As our name states, we are always innovating in our industry. We believe in pushing the limits of our technology and are continually improving and adapting the way we do things. Working with us, you can rest assured you are receiving cutting-edge waterjet technology.

Our Well Abandonment Statistics

Our Dual Waterjet cutting Head Lets us work smarter.

And as a result, we get a lot done in little time.
Below are estimations of our current numbers: 

Abandoned Wells Cut & Capped
0 +
Piles Cut
0 +
Pipeline Risers Cut & Plugged
0 +

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