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Complete Well Abandonment Services

Your trusted partner in providing cutting and capping service to the energy reclamation industry

We specialize in the hardest-to-cut well heads and by utilizing our new, advanced cutting technology, we successfully reduce cutting time.



About Us

Innovative Well Abandonment’s management team has extensive experience in building successful energy industry service companies, and have worked for some of the largest oil and gas industry producers. 

This blend of experience provides us with a unique understanding of the everyday challenges both producers and service providers face in their respective business. From the producers stand point, they need service providers to drive innovation and cost reduction. It’s simply not good enough to rely on what has worked in the past. This requires the service provider to listen to their customer’s needs, drive innovation and new technology development, reduce cost, and implement a continuous cycle of improvement through collaboration. This is our team’s commitment to adding the highest value to you, the producer. 

What we offer:

Our Cutting and Capping Package includes the following:

Water Jet Cutting Truck

Includes multi-head cutting tool.

Dot Spec Hydrovac

Ability to legally haul contaminated soil to the disposal destination of your choice. 

Case 590 Backhoe

Aid in the removal and handling of the wellhead and soil to meet your onsite requirements. 

Innovative Well Abandonment

Why us?

We are the industry’s largest pumping system to operate several cutting tools simultaneously, using our patent pending, multi-head cutting tool. 

We offer reduced cutting times, a higher success rate in cutting large bore wells with conductor barrels, and have the ability to perform multiple cuts at once.

Our staff are experienced and competent in the application of water jet cutting technology in the well abandonment sector.

Our leadership team has a proven track record of delivering safe, reliable value to each and every customer.

Our entire team has pledged our value commitment to you, our customer.

Trust us and we will deliver…

Our Commitment to Quality, Service, and Value

Customer Focus

We must understand our customer's measure of success and ensure this is communicated to our entire team. 

Involvement of the Team

Team members understand their role in contributing to the customer's success, our success, as well as their personal success. 

Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships

Value can not be created without strong,  mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers. In order for our business to be successful, we need committed suppliers. This commitment goes both ways and focuses on opportunities for both businesses to thrive and be successful. 

Factual Approach to Problem Solving

Information must be accurate and available to the right people at the right time. 

Leadership by Leaders

Successful business doesn't just happen. They are built by strong leaders who not only commit to safety performance, but to customer satisfaction, delivering on business goals and targets, developing employees, and demonstrating accountability.

Effective Processes and Systems

Focusing on our customers' key performance measures will allow us to clearly demonstrate our quality, service and value to their business. We strive to provide clear communication on risks and timely notifications of challenges faced in the field. Accountability, responsibility , and competence are the foundation of our management system. 

Continuous Improvement

The main objective of our business is to "Always Do Better". Planning, tracking, measuring and learning are the foundation of our organization. This cycle of continuous improvement will deliver our commitment to each and every customer. 

Our Work

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11630, Kingsway Ave, 
Edmonton, AB T5G 0X5

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11630, Kingsway Ave, 
Edmonton, AB T5G 0X5

General Inquiries

Scott Bowes:
(780) 808-1349

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