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we provide You the highest value Waterjet Cutting Service in North America.

Innovative Well Abandonment’s management team has extensive experience in building and managing successful energy industry service companies in Western Canada and have worked for some of the largest oil and gas industry producers in Saskatchewan, Alberta and the United States.

This unique skill set ensures you are getting a team with a unique understanding of the everyday challenges both producers and service providers face in their respective businesses. We understand that you  need service providers that drive innovation and reduce costs across the board. We listen to your needs, while constantly innovating our products with new technology development.

We know you are always trying to improve your business, and we are too. If you’re ready to work with a professional team that will complete your job with a total satisfaction guarantee, click the button below.

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Our Vision

To be the leading
provider of oil field technology and services to the well abandonment industry.

We love our land, so we’ve made it our responsibility to reclaim and restore it for the future of our country.

Clean Energy

We use advanced waterjet technology to quickly slice through even the thickest materials.

Expertly Managed

Decades of energy sector industry experience means we get the job done right the first time, with no hassle.

Hazard Analysis

Work hazards are identified and analzyed , then communicated to our team prior to execution.

Proudly Canadian

Based in Alberta, we built our business and success across the oilfields of western Canada.

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