How To Reduce Costs on One Off Well Abandonments

Often times oil and gas companies have one off wells that can be costly to do cut and caps on. The reason for this is that instead of spreading costs out over a bunch of wells, you have to incur them for only one well.

This is where Innovative Well Abandonment can help out. Below is a video that shows how we can identify other wells in an area that may need to be cut and capped and where costs can be spread out over multiple wells instead of just one or two wells.

In a recent project we did, an oil and gas company had to get a cut and cap done on a well due to regulatory reasons. Using the process above in the video, we were able to find 3 other wells which allowed us to split costs such as mob and demob costs by 4 instead of the company paying for the full amount.

This process allows us to potentially reduce costs on one off well cut and caps up to 50%.

So if you ever have a one off or smaller quantity of wells, please reach out to us and we can look for other companies that we could group more wells into a project and help you keep your costs lower.

You can use our contact form to reach us or call 1-844-428-8227 or email us at sales@innovativewa.com.

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