Saskatchewan Wells on First Nations Lands

Below you will find 2 files that you can download that shows all the wells on First Nations Lands in Saskatchewan.

In case you didnt hear the Government of Saskatchewan is running a program called the First Nations Stewardship Fund. See the information below from the Accelerated Site Closure Program.

The First Nations Stewardship Fund will allocate up to $20M in program funding to conduct abandonment and reclamation activities in First Nations communities across Saskatchewan. Eligible licensees with oil and gas sites on-Reserve will be able to access the First Nations Stewardship Fund. Eligible licensees are asked to nominate sites for consideration under the Stewardship Fund. Licensees will engage with First Nations communities in the development of work packages under the Stewardship Fund.

To understand what information is contained in the file, see the video below.

PDF File:

XL File:

Both files contain the same information.

This will help you focus your efforts on companies by looking at their well counts. In addition, you will be able to help your clients access funds that they may not have had access to.

If you need help with these files, please feel free to reach out to Chris Hamilton at 403-630-1243 or at chamilton@innovativewa.com

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