Innovative Well Abandonment

our cutting and capping Service:

A Cut Above The Rest.

Removing and Reclaiming Wells Across Western Canada since 2017.

As our name states, we are driven by innovating the well abandonment process.

Improving our efficiency, reducing costs across the board and making life safer for everyone is part of what we do, and it has allowed us to become the fastest and most cost-efficient well abandonment method.

While conventional cut and cap methods are limited by major ground disturbance operations and worker safety (among other things, including backfills and additional precautions), our tools provide us with the mobility and efficiency we need to complete several cut and caps in a single day.

Proudly Canadian, we’ve adapted our tools and processes to the ever-changing and unpredictable prairie weather.

Our dual-head waterjet cutting system is not only the most environmentally friendly way to abandon wells and cut through orphaned well casings– it’s also the fastest. By using  pressurized water and sand and through our dual action cutters, we are able to ensure that no harmful chemicals go into the ground and to reclaim the well quickly, efficiently and safely.

With the lack of soil contamination and ground disturbance you would normally get from traditional abandonment methods, IWA-reclaimed sites often receive their reclamation certificates years before other teams. Because of the vertical nature of our process, we are able to reduce the time needed on backfilling, allowing you to complete your abandonment projects once and for all, and move on to other things.

If you’re looking for an innovative and cost-effective way to get the job done, choose us. With increased safety, hyper-efficient processes and minimal environmental impact it’s easy to see why we are the industry leader in Canadian well abandonment services.

Our Cut & Cap Packages Include:

  • Tandem/Tridem Cut Truck
    – Dual Independent Cutting System
    – 1MM BTU Steamer System
    – Large Volume Water Tank For Remote Operations

  • Case 590 Backhoe

  • Spec 407/412 Hydrovac Unit
  • 1 Ton Crew Truck & Dump Trailer

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