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Exchanger & Tube Bundle Cleaning:

Alberta Exchanger & Tube Bundle Cleaning

Stay on top of maintenance and keep your machinery running smoothly with Innovative Well Abandonment’s waterjet cleaning service for your heat exchanger & tube bundles. We ensure that your exchangers and tube bundles are restored to tip-top shape with safety and efficiency being our primary concerns. Treat your equipment with the best clean they’ll ever have, backed by dozens of customer testimonials. We also offer long-term maintenance plans.

Leave your heat exchanger & tube bundles maintenance to the professionals. We utilize our patented waterjet cutter(in combination with persistence and labour) to cut away and remove buildup. The waterjet cleaning method of using a banshee tip also decreases maintenance time by 50% or more — and is much safer than traditional methods.

By investing in a deep clean in your exchangers/tubes, you’re removing all sediment and polymer buildup and bringing the surfaces back to metal — increasing the flow efficiency, extending the life on your equipment, and yielding you a better return on your investment.


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