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Pile Cutting:

Speed up Your pile-cutting process with our Waterjet Cutting tools. Based in Alberta, Canada.

By leveraging our patented waterjet cutting tools, you’ll breeze through swathes of piles, cutting up to 90 piles a day.

Construction companies everywhere are choosing to build noteworthy projects using piles. Piles are made from reinforced concrete and drilled deep into the ground to provide a solid foundation for many projects. Proper building code requires that piles are cut, without damaging the rebar or concrete below the cut off level. This allows new pile caps or pile beams to be added!

Usually, piles are cut using impact tools such as a jackhammer. We’ve innovated this space and use our waterjet cutting tool to cut piles in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and the United States. With this form of pile-cutting, we can complete the job in a fraction of the time without damaging any of the integrity of the piles in any way.

By utilizing our service, you’re getting the most efficient and safe method of pile cutting available in North America. Contact us today for a quote!

IWA Waterjet Pile Cutting Benefits:

  • 2x faster than ANY competitor
  • Cut two piles independently, at the same time
  • Virtually no environmental impact
  • Can cut below grade
  • Laser precision
  • Saves you time and money¬†

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