Innovative Well Abandonment

Pipeline Riser Cutting:

Decommission Pipeline Risers The Proper Way

A pipeline riser is a critical part of a pipeline system. It acts as a mode of transfer of product between the pipeline underground and the processing equipment above ground. At Innovative Well Abandonment, we are committed to decommissioning the often messy work of oil wells, including these pipeline risers. The best part? All of this is done with our patented waterjet cutting tool, which eliminates all chemical waste and minimizes environmental disturbance.

Why Choose Innovative for Pipeline Riser Abandonment

Innovative Well Abandonment caps the bottom of the riser with a plug, then lowers the waterjet cutting head about an inch above the plug, which prevents debris from entering the pipe and preventing spillage.

IWA can also provide pipeline tags branded with the necessary information required by local government. Service available in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and the United States.