Top 10 Gas Wells Drilled In 2020 In Alberta

Top 10 New Gas Wells In Alberta in 2020

Over the last few posts that Innovative Well Abandonment has put up, we have been looking at the top producing wells that were drilled in 2020. For example, in last weeks post we looked at the top 10 Oil Wells drilled in 2020.

In this weeks post we are looking at the top 10 gas wells that were drilled in 2020 in Alberta. Below you will find the gas wells, the company and the BOED rate.

STRATHCONA RESOURCES LTD00/04-05-062-03W6/002705
STRATHCONA RESOURCES LTD00/16-09-062-03W6/002206
STRATHCONA RESOURCES LTD00/08-09-062-03W6/002162
TOURMALINE OIL CORP00/02-03-049-19W5/002085
SEVEN GENERATIONS ENERGY LTD02/04-04-063-05W6/002034
SEVEN GENERATIONS ENERGY LTD04/05-04-063-05W6/001998
SEVEN GENERATIONS ENERGY LTD02/09-29-062-04W6/001924
TOURMALINE OIL CORP05/16-14-062-05W6/001883
SEVEN GENERATIONS ENERGY LTD00/10-29-062-04W6/001848
TOURMALINE OIL CORP02/10-10-052-18W5/001821
Production as of Jan 31, 2021 – Wells with initial production between Jan 1 and Dec 31 2021

Below you will see a map with all the gas weighted wells that were drilled in Alberta in 2020.

New gas wells drilled in Alberta in 2020

The map below show a heat map where most of the gas production is happening.

New Gas Wells in Alberta 2020 - Production Heat Map

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