Top 10 Oil and Gas Companies Drilling Deeper Wells

The following information shows the top 10 oil and gas companies in Western Canada that are drilling deeper wells year over year.

A couple of caveats on this information, first, some companies have made acquisitions which changes their asset mix and secondly we only choose companies that are drilling over 5 wells per year.

The average amounts of wells that each company has drilled in the last 12 months are 51 wells compared to 111 wells per company for the prior 12 month period. The average depth for these 10 companies is 3724 meters for the last 12 months versus 2296 meter for the prior 12 months.

Here are the companies and their information:

CompanyAvg Well Depth (0-12 Months) In MetersAverager Well Depth (13-24 Months) In MetersDifference% Difference
Storm Resourcess4183 M3112 M1071 M34%
Kelt Exploration4825 M3552 M1272 M36%
Taqa North4818 M3595 M1323 M38%
MEG Energy1804 M1201 M603 M50%
Vermilion Energy4320 M2769 M1551 M56%
CNRL3427 M2177 M1240 M57%
Cenovus Energy2071 M1276 M795 M62%
Crew Energy5006 M3040 M1966 M65%
Suncor Energy1127 M473 M654 M138%
Strathcona Resources5665 M1866 M3799 M204%

Here is a heat map to show the areas where these wells are being drilled.

This data is from XI Technologies Asset Book.

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