Top 10 Oil and Gas Companies Drilling In Western Canada

Who are the top 10 companies drilling wells in western Canada over the last 2 years.

As you are probably aware, well drilling numbers are down over the last few years. In this weeks post, Innovative Well Abandonment is looking at the top 10 oil and gas companies in Western Canada in terms of their total wells drilled over the last 12 months and we compared this to the number of wells that they drilled in the prior 13 ro 24 months.

These numbers have working interest assumptions from XI Technologies applied to the wells drilled.

CompanyDrills Last 12 MonthsDrills 13 to 24 Months AgoDifference
Cenovus Energy33935213
Crescent Point Energy269444175
Tourmaline Oil2222242
Teine Energy21427359
Baytex Energy164292128
Whitecap Resources113231118
Ovintiv Canada10712720
Suncor Energy107303196
Tundra Oil and Gas9016070

With the numbers above, in the last 12 months these companies have drilled 1,772 wells and the prior 13 to 24 months, these companies drilled 2,630 wells. The difference are 858 wells or a difference of 33%.

Below you will see the percent reduction that each of these companies had from 13 to 24 months ago vs the last 12 months.

CompanyPercent Difference
Cenovus Energy4%
Crescent Point Energy39%
Tourmaline Oil1%
Teine Energy22%
Baytex Energy44%
Whitecap Resources51%
Ovintiv Canada16%
Suncor Energy65%
Tundra Oil and Gas44%

Obviously with these sort of numbers, this has a huge impact on the revenue for drilling contractors.

Below is a map showing where these different companies drilled over the last 12 months.

Locations of wells of the top 10 companies drilling in the last 2 years.

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